About Us


As a training institute, Construction Stave is experienced in delivering courses in a range of construction specialities. Our Online CSCS is the easy and straight forward method to get your CSCS Card.  

Support Staff  – We have a committed and professional team of support staff, doing a variety of roles, but all with one thing in common – a passion for customer service. These unsung heroes are working behind the scenes at Construction Stave and ensure that we deliver on our promise to provider a great service to each and every customer. 

Here at Construction Stave, we understand the importance of professionals who are CSCS certified, and our staff has experience in this field as well. If you’re not sure what it means to be CSCS certified, we can explain the basics and tell you how having your CSCS card on hand can benefit you every day. Be better skilled with Construction Stave 

We take care of everything online, so whether that’s an CSCS Test Card, or any Course training something on the website or posts on social media then I’m responsible. Delivering the best customer service is our priority to our customer we have more than 1000 Satisfied customer and Major corporate clients and I do this by keeping things as simple and as easy as possible.

Our Mission

The aim of the Construction Stave is the build construction site safer and efficient. This is achieved only if workers have the proper knowledge of the Health & Safety Standard and at least they hold CSCS Cards. 

We’re Here to Provide you CITB Test/Course and CSCS Cards Services. 

You can directly Book your CSCS, CITB Test, Level 1 Award Here – CSCS Cards | CITB Health Safety and Environment Test | Level 1 Award  

Why We’re the best

  • Fast and Affordable
  • 24*7 Available
  • Ready to solve any queries
  • Founded by CSCS Card & CITB Test Experienced Team