Detailed Information about Blue CSCS Card

Detailed Information about Blue CSCS Card

There are different CSCS cards in construction industry with different colours for different trades. A CSCS card is a physical proof that is used to shows that. An individual has the appropriate qualification and training for the job. They do on the construction site. It shows you are rightly qualified and have the appropriate training to work safely on-site. In order to obtain this card, you need to have a proper qualification in some of the cards. Which includes a qualifications of NVQ level 2 NVQ/SVQ in the construction or you can have an equivalent qualification in city and guild crafts certificate.

Blue CSCS Card

But in order to get this card, your minimum age must be greater than 16 years as it by the construction industry. You can get this certification and qualification from anywhere as it does not matter but you must have the physical certification in your hand before applying for this card.

Who needs a Blue CSCS Card ?

A Blue CSCS Card is required by those people who wants to work, as a skilled worker in the construction industry and that is designed to show the employers that the other staff members have the appropriate training and technical skills and experience and fully trained in all of the health and safety necessities of the workplace in order to accomplish the various tasks that are essential in the industry.

The validity of this card is of 5 years. But you don’t have to worry about the expiration of this card because it can renewed again. For that you need to qualify the CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test for Operatives. After the passing the test, you will able to get your card to renew.

While you skilled and qualified in your trade or you have got all the skills but little to no qualifications, you will unable to get this card. Find out below how to get a Blue CSCS Card what will your qualification level.

you need a certain criteria in order to make an application for a Blue CSCS card as per Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) – .

Need to successfully passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test within the last 2 years.

Note : If you don’t have National Vocational Qualification level 2 (NVQ Qualification) or City and Guilds Crafts Certificate. You cannot be eligible for a Blue CSCS card. Once you get your certificate and pass the CITB Test, Then you’ll be able to get a Blue CSCS Card.

Why Do I Need To Get A Blue CSCS Card?

The Blue CSCS card is a skilled worker card. The more experience you get could make the next step in your career. Result in the ability to apply for CSCS cards; you could get an Advanced Craft, Supervisory or Manager card to help. You get up the next level of the ladder so to speak. Each card requires a certain level of experience in the relevant occupation. So if you are thinking about moving up to one level more. Have a look through the requirements to make sure you are hitting all the right marks.

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