Green CSCS Card Which is Entry-level Card

In this blog we will let you know about common CSCS Card which is entry-level card.

Green CSCS Card

In United Kingdom, people who’s looking to work or develop a career in the construction industry, they need a Green CSCS Card that is approved by Construction Skills Certification Scheme.
It is a proof for people, that he is completed his training or qualification in construction and passed his health and safety test. The most common card is Green CSCS CARD, That can be issued to someone who is starting out on a construction-related career path, whether they are a plumber, electrician, or plasterer which is used by approximately 60% people in construction industry .

What is Green CSCS Card ?

A Green CSCS card is the most popular card for those who start-up there career in construction industry that people obtain if they wish to work as a labourer in the industry. This card meets the minimum required qualifications to work effectively on the construction site and is competent with basic health and safety regulations. To get Green CSCS Card, you will need to complete a QCF Level 1 or Health and safety awareness (HSA) Course.

Basic requirement to get green CSCS card :

CITB Test(operative):

The CITB test is a primary test that communicates knowledge of maintaining health and safety on a construction site and CITB test is suitable for any candidate who aspires to have a career within construction With this test not only can you improve your health and safety knowledge, but also qualify for a CSCS card, providing you have achieved all other relevant qualifications.

How difficult is the CITB Test(operative) ?

The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in time period of 45 minutes, The health and safety test will cover questions related to your day-to-day job on a construction site and you will be expected to have knowledge on construction health and safety procedures.

How we prepare for CITB Test ?

The best way to prepare for the CSCS Test is by purchasing a Construction Skills Health and Safety test training book or DVD and this is an excellent source of information to help you get through the test or you can attend one of Construction stave Healthy and Safety Test training days which will prepare you for the test.

One Day Course (level 1 award ):

Have an understanding of Health and Safety Law – including the Health and Safety Act, its surrounding regulations, in relation to the construction industry and Understand the need to prevent accidents and for risk assessments and method statements, Identify how their role fits into the control and management of the construction site

performing your work safely and asking for advice if not sure.

How to use safety equipment at the site. For Example .Fire extinguisher etc.

What qualification will I get after passing One Day Course (level 1 award )?

You will receive certification that show, you have successfully completed the Site
Safety Plus, Health and safety awareness course and It is equivalent to the Level 1 Award in Health and safety in a construction
environment and by the help of this certificate you can apply you Green CSCS Card and this will valid for Lifetime, you can do Level 1 award Course at Training centre or Online as well.

How do I get my Green CSCS Card?

First, you have to pass the Construction Skills Health and Safety Test and once you have complete that , you have to do One day Course and get certificate and after that you are eligible to apply for your Labour Card. If you wants to apply through us, you will gain access to over 350 test centres nationwide, and get your card within 10 working days in most cases and CSCS tests can be booked through us, and our aim to make the entire process simple, easy, and cost-effective for you with our combined CSCS tests and card package. We can help you top provide test support and Health and Safety advice with our extensive knowledge of the construction industry.

For more information or to book your test and order your card, visit our CSCS CARD PAGE . Alternatively, you can call us on 7586078034 directly and book your first CSCS Card.

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