Most Important Qualification in Construction Industry NVQ Qualification

Important Qualification in Construction Industry NVQ Qualification

NVQ Qualification

In this blog we will learn about a most important qualification in construction industry “NVQ Qualification” and why is it important to have an NVQ.
we will also talk about its benefits and By help of this qualification which CSCS Card you can apply.


NVQ is an equivalent recognizing those who have been working on a particular trade segment for a long time traditionally but does not have a conventional educational qualification. The candidate needs to prove their competency in their chosen role or career path in order to acquire NVQ and its most liked by learners them because they can do it without having to give up work.

There is no final examination at the end of the NVQ, Its conduct two final practical assessments, during which an NVQ assessor will visit learner site to observe and ask questions related to there work and experience and Individuals will be able to obtain this qualification after completing a training programmes which can be found on the Construction Stave website here.

NVOs work by testing your abilities in the workplace and to complete an NVQ you need to prove that you can do certain work-related your tasks and safety at construction site. NVQs are assessed in a combination of 2 ways.

1. By checking portfolio – you build up evidence of what you’ve done at work.
2. Observation-an assessor watches you work and checks that you can do the tasks.
3. NVQ we offer is called OSAT- onsite assessment and training

Mandatory information if you are looking to get NVQ qualification.

Learners should be working in same environment as the trade to be assessed assessor should be able to see him perform specific duties/tasks carried in which they need to ON-SITE)

Learners should not perform general only or other tasks only not related to certification.

Please keep all supporting evidence to prove you have the required experience in specific was invoices, work permits, certifications etc.

The sooner candidate submit all the documents/evidences, that are supplied the assessor and it will issue the certification after the assessment.

Benefits of NVQ Qualifications ?

The best advantage of obtaining a Construction NVQ qualification is that an candidate does not have to go any training centre or they don’t have to miss a days’ work. The other advantage is that an candidate can greatly increase their potential to get job prospects by achieving NVQ’S and The gaining higher qualifications will not only give you more practical experience and understanding of your chosen field.

This is the first step for individual in establishing a sustainable and successful career in the construction industry. By completing this qualification you have the tools and knowledge to deliver work to an exceptional standard, and you are serious about progressing in your career.

Overall it is very beneficial for individual to have NVQ qualifications and not only from the point of view of being professional as a qualified person but also due to job prospects.

Easy method to get a Construction NVQ Certificate?

You don’t need to leave your job and go to any training centre four nights a week to get a construction NVQ. An assessor will come and visit to your site and evaluate your work and give some task related to your work. The assessor will also ask you to perform various tasks according to the qualification criteria and provide you feedback according to that.

At Construction Stave we offer NVQ courses and why you have to choose us, Our expert trainers & assessors are all experienced and fully equipped with industry and qualifications in order to give you effective Construction NVQ Training.

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