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Cardholders, or people who own CSCS cards in UK, are generally categorized into one of the following groups based on the color of their cards: red, blue, white, and black. They also fall into different sub-categories depending on their job title or skill set and are issued with different types of cards accordingly. Let’s take a look at the 7 types of CSCS cards that exist and how they differ from each other.


When you first look at obtaining a CSCS card, you might be thinking that it is quite a simple process. In fact, it does depend on what kind of card you are looking to get. When deciding whether or not to get a Green Card, Blue Card or Red Card, consider where you plan on using your card and what type of work you will be doing as far as heavy-duty work goes.

Red CSCS Card

The Red CSCS Card, or Construction Skills Card for Workers, is issued by a health and safety executive in Great Britain to any competent person who needs to be recognized as competent for certain types of work in construction.

This card allows you to work as a labourer in construction sites. It is only valid for 6 Month from which you will need to reapply for another card.

Note : This card is only for those tradesmen who have never held a CSCS Card before.

Green CSCS Card

The Green card is an entry-level qualification and its most obvious application is to work on construction sites. A common mistake made by applicants for their first set of cards is applying for a ‘Blue’ card when they should apply for ‘Green’ card. Blue card represent advanced qualifications, many people confuse green and blue together as there are very few industries which require either a green or blue card; usually, both are required.

The Green Construction Skills Certification Scheme(CSCS) card is a hard copy proof that you have passed your CSCS test. This means it gives you proof to present and apply for jobs. A lot of construction sites ask for a Green card as part of your application form and they may not accept anything else This card is valid for five years and cannot be renewed. To get a green card, you must to complete a Health And Safety Test (CITB Test ) and One Day Course (Level 1 Award Course ).

Blue CSCS Card

Blue CSCS Card :- A blue card is slightly more advanced than a red card as it requires greater qualification and experience. Blue level cards are designed for those people who may have little or no work-based experience, but would like a record that they have been trained in basic health and safety requirements on site. Most sites will allow you to gain entry with just a health check certificate but having a CSCS means you can work on multiple sites. This scheme certifies you as being competent at basic construction skills such as bricklaying, painting, carpentry and etc.

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Gold CSCS Card

Gold CSCS cards are designed for project managers and professionals who have a complex role in construction site management and/or supervision that requires qualifications and proven track record. The purpose of these cards is to ensure that only appropriately qualified individuals are authorized to supervise specific activities on construction sites where there is a risk to health and safety.

To get your gold card, you must have a minimum NVQ(National Vocational Qualifications )/SVQ 3 or City & Guilds advanced craft certificate and pass a CITB Test Less Than 2 Years. You’ll also need to do an on-site assessment with an approved assessor and take exams and workshops for each sector.

Black CSCS Card

The Black Card is issued to workers who have undergone rigorous assessments and have been judged to have reached very high levels of competence. People who hold a Black Manager card are not just skilled in their field, but they are also exceptional managers. Someone who has earned a Black CSCS card is an individual to whom management offers great responsibility and compensation for his or her talent and experience.

These card are are issued to those who can prove their qualifications in NVQ Level 4,5,6 or above and Manager and Professional CITB Test less than 2 years. The card is is valid for 5 years and you can renew it.

Skill CSCS Card

Construction Industry and site managers request that their workers hold a SKILL Card before work on site. A Skill Card is issued to individuals with a job role that is working in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry,

To apply for a Skill Card, applicants must first have a supervisory and managerial responsibilities in the building engineering services industry.

White CSCS Card

This card is generally Known as Academically Qualified Card (AQP) or Professionally Qualified Card( PQP) .
The minimum standard to achieve an AQP or PQP CSCS Card is HND or HNC Degree or CIOB certificate or NEBOSH Diplomas / Members of a CSCS approved professional Body. You have to pass a Health and Safety MAP Test as well within 2 years.

For example, if you have been working as a Labourer on construction sites for a couple of years and want to be become involved in other parts of your company’s operations, you must apply for a White Card. This gives you formal recognition for your experience and training

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