What is CSCS test?

What is CSCS test?


You will generally be required to take the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment Test (also known as CSCS Test) when applying for a CSCS card. We understand that this may appear to be a frightening idea if it has been a long time since you last took examinations, so the first piece of advice is to relax and know that you can do it! There will be less to worry if you utilize your common sense as well as your expertise, and don’t think that how hard is the CSCS exam. The exam is meant to ensure that the test-taker has the essential knowledge on how to be safe and healthy on the job, and most of it is common sense.

Benefits of CSCS Card and CSCS TEST?

The CSCS Card will give you an identity and is proof of your well-earned skills and experience in construction industry and to get this you need to pass test that test called CITB Test (Construction Industry Training Board), There are different types of CSCS Card that’s classifications for the cards too which will show your expertise and experience.

If you are a CSCS card holder, you won’t be limited to who you can work for. In construction industry some employer only looking for those people who have a CSCS card so it’s important to have it, so that you are not limiting your options when it comes to finding work or to grow your career in construction industry.

If you are construction worker then it’s important to protect your reputation and if you have a CSCS card then it will show your responsibility to safety and emphasise your credibility.

You will find here which CSCS test you need?

  1. The Operatives Test

The operatives test consists of 12 behavioural case study questions and 38 core knowledge base questions designed to assess your understanding of health, safety, and environmental problems. This will help you to get the operative CSCS card.

  1. The Specialist Test

There are presently 12 specialized tests available: supervision, demolition, highway work, specialist work at high, and specialist work at low.

– tunneling for elevators and escalators

– plumbing, heating, and ventilation

– refrigeration and air conditioning

  1. Managers and Professional Test

This test contains behavioural case studies, five core knowledge parts, and appropriate specialized information from the following subjects:

– Regulations on Construction (Design and Management)

– Deconstruction

– Road construction

Now that you know what the test is all about, let’s make sure you pass it the first time!

Format of CSCS TEST?

cscs card

A good tips to passing any test is to understand the format of that test, CSCS test will consist of 50 health and safety questions as a i have mentioned above and the time limit of this test will be 45 minutes and once you pass you will be eligible for CSCS cards.

As there will only be one section of questions, there score will be simpler to understand as a result .

With new scoring, candidates will now need the following scores to pass the test :

  1. For the operatives test, the pass mark is 45 out of 50
  2. For the Specialists test, the pass mark is 45 out of 50
  3. For the Managers and professionals test, the pass mark is 46 out of 50.

The limit of this CSCS test will be 45 minutes and once you pass you will be eligible for CSCS cards and look to grow your career in this industry.

We hope this blog is very useful to have a better understanding of CSCS cards, their importance and steps you need to take to pass a CSCS test.
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How do you book a CSCS Test?

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