Why CSCS Card is important?

In this blog we will explained about CSCS Card, and which CSCS card is beneficial for you and some frequently asked questions about it.

Why CSCS Card is important

Why CSCS Card is important?

CSCS stands Construction Skills Certification Scheme, Firstly it was introduced in 1995 by Contractors and some tradesmen regarding health and safety to show that they are qualified to carry out work. CSCS Card generally Show your ability towards construction, identify the worker and shows construction firms that you clearly understand the dangers that could befall an individual. Just have a look at these statistics from 2014 and 2015.

  • 142 workers killed at work
  • 611,000 injuries occurred within a construction site
  • 27.3 million working days lost, Due to work-related illness and workplace injury
  • $14.3 billion estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions on a construction site.

Which CSCS Card is required for your job ?

Red Provisional card – This card is only for those tradesmen who have never held a CSCS Card in the past, its a non-renewable card and validity of this card will be for 6 months, you have to pass only a health and safety environment test (CITB Test) to get this card.

Red Apprentice Card – This Card is available to people who have commenced on a recognised apprenticeship letter, if you are looking to get this card you need Apprenticeship letter from your apprenticeship management agency and you have to pass CITB test for as well , it is also a non-renewable card, valid till 4.5 years,

Red Trainee Card – No experience required, non-renewable valid till 5 years, you need CITB test and NVQ level 2/3 registration letter to get this card.

Green Labourer Card – if you don’t have any experience in construction and if you are new in it so this card is for you, This is very basic card to work on construction to do ground labour job, This will be valid till 5 years, No trade mention, Non-renewable and to get this you need CITB test + One Day Course
if you need any more information for this card or you wants to book this. Visit our website constructionstave.co.uk or call 7586078034.

Blue skilled Worker & Gold Advanced Craft Card – This card is for tradesman who have achieved a construction related NVQ/SVQ Level 2/3 or C&G craft certificate. this is qualified card so trade will be mention on the card and its valid for 5 years, you can Renew it after 5 years and you need to pass CITB Operative/specialists test for this.

Black Manager Card – if you are looking to manage a construction site so this card is design for you. This card is for tradesmen who have achieved a construction related NVQ/SVQ Level 4,5,6 or above and you need to pass a Manager & Professionals test.

Academically Qualified Card (AQP) & Professionally Qualified Card (PQP) – This card is for individuals who have completed certain construction related degrees, HND’s(Higher National Diploma’s), HNC’s(Higher National Certificates), CIOB Certificates and NEBOSH Diplomas and who are members of a CSCS approved Professional Body and you need to do Manager & Professionals test, Trade will be mention on the card and its valid for 5 years and you can renew it after 5 years.

There are some other cards partner as well like CISRA, JIB, Skill card , CPCS Etc. if you need more information on it so please visit our website constructionstave.co.uk or call 7586078034 we help you out 24*7 Support.

I’m Self-employed we need a CSCS CARD ?

As we discussed in previous blog CSCS Card is not a legal requirement to work on construction site but its help Contractors to get a
potential customer, so they always prefer for well qualified people for there work at construction. This can be disadvantage for those who don’t have CSCS Card.

Is it possible to get a CSCS CARD Only ?

Yes you can get it online. At Construction Stave straight forward help you to get the CSCS Card. We have a satisfied contractors and make it clear to the Customer qualifications. Here you will get more than 300 test centers nationwide and we will always help you to book any Qualification related to any CSCS Card.

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