Why UK Construction Industry need a CSCS Card?

Red CSCS Card

The UK Construction industry desires a fully qualified workforce. A CSCS Card demonstrates your skills, experience and knowledge of health and safety. Speaking of health and safety…

Construction firms are placing greater emphasis on health and safety and a CSCS Card shows construction firms that you clearly understand the dangers that could befall an individual.

If you Are looking to work on construction site ? CSCS Card definitely help you.

If you are willing to work on construction site, CSCS Card give identity, and proof that your eligible to work on construction site and help you to Show your ability to work on Construction, this will Open many opportunities for you and help you to access on Construction site and Most of the people in UK are making there career in it. At the Construction stave, is very professional platform to help you get your first CSCS Card and To book your CITB Test.

Right Person to get a CSCS CARD ?

This card is open for all professionals who wants to work on construction site. Most UK employers will ask for Valid CSCS card because CSCS card will show your commitment to safety and emphasise your credibility. Before getting CSCS card you need to pass a Health and safety environment test (CITB) and Courses as per eligibility criteria for CSCS Card.

Is it compulsory to do CITB test to get a CSCS Card ?

CITB stands for the Construction Industry Training Board, The CITB test is the Multiple-choice questions test that is related on the health, safety and environmental issues in the construction industry, before getting any CSCS Card you need to pass a CITB test its compulsory For everyone who is looking to grow there career in construction industry.

  • Before applying for CITB Test You must Have to know this :
  • you needs to reach 15 min prior to the test timing at the center.
  • you needs to carry 1 valid Photo id proof either a UK driving license or a passport with signature.

Any ID(no more than 6 months out of date ) will work
A valid Provisional UK DL will work if there is photo and signature on it.

In case you doesn’t have UK DL or passport

you have to get Waiver Form which you need to carry at the test center along with 2 valid ID mentioned in the waiver form.(for more update on it, Visit Constractionstave.co.uk)

Is it legal to get a CSCS Card to work on construction site ?

Basically, No its not legal requirement to have a CSCS card to work on construction but it removes the barriers from working at UK construction site, For example you have to show some kinds set of things to proof for analysis of that work. it work for CSCS Card also, As a contractor will know that you have the right health and safety knowledge and are qualified for the job.

What is the easy way to get Your CSCS Card ?

At Construction stave. Just Give a call on 7586078034 or visit website constructionstave.co.uk and will help you to get your first CSCS card and Guide in better manner to get the right card for you, for more updates related to CSCS Card, CITB test & Courses Stay connected to Construction Stave.